Registered Student Organizations

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With over 1000 registered student organizations (RSO) on campus, Illinois students have plenty of opportunities for leadership, activism, fun, and friendship in connecting to East Asia and Asian cultures.


Chinese Student Organizations

Chinese Independent Film Society: The core activities of CIFS are organized around a semester-long production plan (either a short or full-length film); and a weekly discussion section on a selected film or documentary on East Asian countries and cultures.

Chinese Students & Scholars Association (CSSA): CSSA is the largest Chinese students organization on UIUC campus, which dedicated to serve this community and let more people learn about Chinese culture.

China Studies Forum (CSF): China Studies Forum is a weekly student discussion on contemporary social issues in order to promote citizenship for overseas Chinese students and beyond.

Global China Connection – UIUC Chapter

Overseas China Education Foundation at UIUC (OCEF UIUC branch): OCEF(Overseas China Education Foundation) is dedicated to help less-privileged children in rural areas of China to receive basic education. We aim to raise awareness of the lack of significant resources faced especially by those living in rural areas.

The Society for Appreciation of Fantastic Tea and Great Conversation (Tea & Company): The primary focuses of the club are of course tea and socialization. It is a club for people to appreciate the finer teas in life while at the same time, meeting new people through the variety of conversations between total strangers.

Tzu Chi Collegiate Association (TCCA): The main mission of Tzu Chi Collegiate Association (TCCA) is to introduce Tzu Chi to more young adults and encourage students of all ethnic groups to learn and to care for others while developing a noble character and a sound mind.

Wushu Club: Wushu is a Chinese martial arts and means “military arts” when translated literally. At Wushu Club students learn basic techniques, stances, acrobatic jumps, and bare-hand and weapon forms.

Jasmine Field Orchestra: The orchestra consists of 40+ Chinese undergraduates and graduates from various majors who are interested in cooperative music performance. The ensemble consists of two sections: Chinese instruments and Western instruments, and works on arranging pieces that involve all kinds of music elements including Chinese folk music and western classical music. Their FaceBook page: Jasmine Field Orchestra


Korean Student Organizations

GRMD: Gah Rahk Mah Dahng (GRMD) is a Korean Traditional Percussion performance ensemble at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Our purpose is to raise awareness about the Korean culture through its music, and to further develop our performance skills.

Korean Student Association 


Japanese Student Organizations

Japanese Animation Club at UIUC is screening Japanese movies or anime shows several times every semesters. They also organizes regular meetings.

UIUC Kendo and Naginata Club: Kendo is the martial art of Japanese fencing, and Naginata is a similar martial art using pole arms. We are a Registered Student Organization of UIUC and affiliated with the Midwest Kendo Federation. All UIUC students, faculty, and staff, and non-UIUC members can participate.