The Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies (CEAPS) has more than 80 affiliate faculty members. Their fields of expertise cover a wide range of disciplines, including archaeology, architecture, education, engineering, film, history, information science, linguistics, literature, political science, religion, sociology, etc.


CEAPS also cooperates with other research centers and academic programs, including the Asian American Cultural Center, the Center for Global StudiesDepartment of AnthropologyDepartment of East Asian Languages and Cultures, and Department of Sociology.


Highlighted courses on East Asia:
EALC 120 - East Asian Civilizations
EALC 230 - Popular Cultures of Contemporary East Asia
EALC 275 - Masterpieces of East Asian Literature
EALC 361 - Women in East Asia
EALC 398 - Colloquium in EALC

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