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Japanese Etiquette

  • Japanese Etiquette 101 describes the etiquette and manners which you should know before traveling to Japan. Many of these daily customs are conspicuously different from the western world. This Japanese Etiquette website gives you plenty of ideas of what Japanese people do care in their daily life.

Japan Guide

  • The Japan Guide includes majority of sites which are categorized in different interests, such as the sites for Onsen (hot spring) and Temples. Also, travel news, reports, and guest blog can be found in this guide. We can even book for a trip throughout this guide.

Japanese National Tourism Organization

  • Japan: The Official Guide, this website offers the viewers insight into different aspects of Japan. It serves as a platform though which one can explore Japan.

 Official Tokyo Travel Guide

Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)

  • NHK (Nippon Hōsō Kyōkaiis Japan's national broadcasting corporation. The website can be viewed in more than 25 languages and it offers the viewer with local and global news, cultural insights, and travel guides.

The Japanese people have a social behavior which is called “Honne and Tatemae,” and this is not something they can acquire from their school education. It would be considered as a national characteristic of Japanese people. Especially in the Japanese society, “Honne and Tatemae” has always been an essential part of communications. “Honne” is defined as someone’s true feelings, and “Tatemae” is defined as a behavior which people actually show in public or an opinion which people actually say in public. Below is an article that may help you understand the two concepts better!



Visit Korea

  • Imagine Your Korea, this website offiers insight into different aspects of Korea. It is a good starting point for planning a trip to discover Korea.

The World on Arirang

  • Arirang, interested in Korean global affairs, K-pop, K-drama news, and Korean Culture then this is the website for you.



Chinese Media

Despite heavy government monitoring, the mainland Chinese media has become an increasingly commercial market with growing competition, diversified content, and an increase in investigative reporting.

China Digital Times 

  • (CDT) is a bilingual news website covering China. It aggregates news and analysis from around the web, while providing multimedia content, original analysis and commentary and translations. CDT Chinese aggregates more than 100 posts a day from Chinese cyberspace, focusing especially on which is blocked, deleted or suppressed by state censors.

China File

  • It is a new not-for-profit, English-language, online magazine published by the Center on U.S.-China Relations at the Asia Society. Each week, The ChinaFile Conversation brings together a group of experts to discuss and debate the news of the day in real time.

Caixin Online

  • It is a leading English-language website covering business and finance in China. Caixin magazine delivers intelligent news reports and editorial features by top local and international journalists and opinion leaders. Caixin Online is Caixin’s English-language online news portal. It features frequently updated news and analysis, and offers a daily newsletter.

China Dialogue

  • It is an independent, non-profit organization based in London and Beijing. It was launched on July 3, 2006. It is funded by a range of institutional supporters, including several major charitable foundations. It focuses on the environment, especially in China, although it has an interest in environment and sustainability issues around the world.

Living in China

China National Tourist Office

China Guide

  • It is designed to help you deal with the day-to-day challenges of living, working or studying in China. The Just Landed Guide is full of useful information and step-by-step guides on how things work and how to survive in China.

Foreigner in China

  • It is a commercial website with a city search to help customize your individual needs of living in a Chinese city. It is more or less a yellow-page.