Asian American History is U.S. History

Monday May 15, 2023, 7 PM CT
Dr. Yoon Pak, Professor and Head in the Department of Education Policy, Organization & Leadership, University of Illinois

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Join us for a special talk featuring Dr. Pak as she explores the crucial role of Asian American histories in shaping the narrative of U.S. history education. By examining the intersections of race, citizenship, immigration, and school segregation, Dr. Pak will shed light on the significance of understanding Asian American experiences within the context of both marginalized communities and the larger historical fabric of the United States.

The passing of the groundbreaking TEAACH Act in Illinois has opened doors to a new era of equitable education. Discover how the TEAACH online professional development (PD) modules, developed at the University of Illinois with generous support from The Asian American Foundation, can equip you with the tools to create culturally responsive classrooms. Gain access to invaluable resources and training that will enable you to design inclusive instructional materials that truly resonate with your students.

We believe that this talk will inspire you to become a catalyst for change, as you play a vital role in shaping the educational landscape for our future generations. Don't miss this transformative opportunity to redefine the educational landscape. Join us at 7 pm no May 15th and become a catalyst for change. Reserve your spot today by clicking the link below

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We look forward to having you be a part of this important conversation!