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Yun Yi

Associate Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Professor, School of Architecture
Associate Professor, Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies

Recent Publications

Anis, M., Pendurkar, S., Yi, Y. K., & Sharon, G. (2023). Comparison Between Popular Genetic Algorithm (GA)-Based Tool and Covariance Matrix Adaptation - Evolutionary Strategy (CMA-ES) for Optimizing Indoor Daylight. Building Simulation Conference Proceedings, 18, 600-606.

Anis, M., Kim, Y. J., & Yi, Y. K. (2023). Developing an Advanced Daylight Model for a Shading System with Conditional Generative Adversarial Network (cGAN). Building Simulation Conference Proceedings, 18, 607-614.

Li, Y., & Yi, Y. K. (2023). Optimal shape design using machine learning for wind energy and pressure. Journal of Building Engineering, 70, Article 106337.

Wang, S., Yi, Y. K., & Liu, N. (2023). The ANN Architecture Analysis: A Case Study on Daylight, Visual, and Outdoor Thermal Metrics of Residential Buildings in China. Buildings, 13(11), Article 2795.

Yi, Y. K., Anis, M., Jang, K., & Kim, Y. J. (2023). Application of machine learning (ML) and genetic algorithm (GA) to optimize window wing wall design for natural ventilation. Journal of Building Engineering, 68, Article 106218.

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