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Suiwen (Sharon) Zou

Assistant Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Assistant Professor, Recreation, Sport and Tourism
Assistant Professor, Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies
Bock Agricultural Law & Policy Fellow, Agricultural and Consumer Economics

Recent Publications

Park, J., Yoon, H., Almeida Santos, C., & Zou, S. (2024). A third-person effect approach to understanding residents’ attitude towards casino development. Current Issues in Tourism, 27(1), 12-18.

Soulard, J., Park, J., & Zou, S. (2024). Pride in Transformation: A Rural Tourism Stakeholder View. Journal of Travel Research, 63(1), 80-99. Article 004728752211434.

Duignan, M. B., Zou, S., Park, J., Everett, S., Walsh, L., Page, S., Fyall, A., & Hansen, M. (2023). How do event zones influence visitor behaviour and engagement with host destinations? A longitudinal study of the Cambridge half marathon (2017–2020). Journal of Destination Marketing and Management, 30, Article 100798.

Liu, J., Zou, S., & Chen, J. M. (2023). Which Public Attraction Gets (and Gets More) Government Funding? The Effects of Internal and External Factors. Journal of Travel Research, 62(5), 1105-1120.

Park, J., Zou, S., & Soulard, J. (Accepted/In press). Transforming rural communities through tourism development: an examination of empowerment and disempowerment processes. Journal of Sustainable Tourism.

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