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Richard C Anderson

Professor Emeritus

Research Interests

I currently have two active programs of research. The first is comparative analysis of learning to read alphabetic and nonalphabetic languages, especially English and Chinese. The second examines children's intellectual and social development in the context of free-flowing open-format discussions.

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor Emeritus, Educational Psychology

Recent Publications

Ma, S., Anderson, R. C., & Sun, J. (2022). Collaborative Reasoning and children's development of language and thought. In International Encyclopedia of Education: Fourth Edition (pp. 330-336). Elsevier.

Sun, J., Anderson, R. C., Lin, T. J., Morris, J. A., Miller, B. W., Ma, S., Thi Nguyen-Jahiel, K., & Scott, T. (2022). Children's engagement during collaborative learning and direct instruction through the lens of participant structure. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 69, Article 102061.

Anderson, R. C. (2018). Role of the Reader's Schema in Comprehension, Learning, and Memory. In D. E. Alvermann, N. J. Unrau, M. Sailors, & R. B. Ruddell (Eds.), Theoretical Models and Processes of Literacy (7 ed., pp. 136-145). Routledge.

Lin, T., Ma, S., Anderson, R. C., Jadallah, M., Sun, J., Morris, J. A., Miller, B. W., & Sallade, R. (2018). Promoting academic talk through Collaborative Reasoning. In R. M. Gillies (Ed.), Promoting Academic Talk in Schools: Global Practices and Perspectives (pp. 12-27). Routledge.

Morris, J. A., Miller, B. W., Anderson, R. C., Nguyen-Jahiel, K. T., Lin, T. J., Scott, T., Zhang, J., Sun, J., & Ma, S. (2018). Instructional discourse and argumentative writing. International Journal of Educational Research, 90, 234-247.

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